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  • Computer Center Ticket System

    It’s a simple Computer Center support web portal where IITH members (Faculty/Staff/Student) can request for a service or register a complaint to Computer Center dept using Computer Center Ticket system web portal for resolution. For every request, a Ticket number is generated and it's assigned to concern staff members upon the request. After resolution, Tickets are stated as closed.

    Here are the features:

    • It helps prioritize requests
    • It creates easy communication
    • Users can track the status of the ticket online once the ticket is created successfully.
    • All support requests and responses can be archived online for end users
    • Help topics for web tickets allow us to route inquiries to a swift resolution.
    • A user can Comment or Interact with staff over the ticket post.

    Computer Center Ticket System - User Manual

  • Cyber Security Awareness (1)

    Cyber security awareness refers to how much end users know about the cyber security threats their networks face and the risks they introduce. End users are considered the weakest link and the primary vulnerability within a network. The Computer Centre maintains firewalls and security measures including 24x7 surveillance to protect our networks, domains, and computers from external threats and reduce vulnerabilities. Being that end users are a major vulnerability, technical means to improve security are not enough, Computer Centre would like to share the below documents to gain Cyber Security Knowledge and stay alert from Cyber Threats.

    1. Common Cyber Threats
    2. National Cyber Crime Reference Handbook
    3. Secure Remote Desktop Access
    4. SSL Pinning (a quick walk through)

  • Desktop ITS Support (1)

    Please find the below documents to install Windows/Ubuntu on your Desktop/Laptop.
    raise a ticket after installing windows for activation.

    1. How to make USB Bootable
    2. How to install Windows
    3. How to install Ubuntu
    4. Fonts installation guide for Windows/Linux/Mac

  • Discourse (1)

    It's an Internal Discussion Forum of IITH where you can find multiple categories such as Institute Seminars, carpooling, marketplace, lost and found, Science and Technology, Programming, Academics, Institute Discussion, Tech Tips, etc. All of you are strongly encouraged to switch over to this platform rather than relying on the age-old emailing platform for making announcements to all.

  • LDAP account

    LDAP is a centralized authentication integrated into many IITH applications like ERP, AIMS, Library E-journals, research apps, administrative office applications, etc.

    We create an LDAP account for students, faculty & staff and they can able to log in using the LDAP username and password provided initially in website such as AIMS etc.

    For example, for a student who has email id then his LDAP username would be rollnumber.
    Similarly, Faculty/Staff having email id then username would be username.

    If you forgot your LDAP account password, please visit: LDAP account password reset portal (internal site)

    How to change your LDAP/AIMS Password

    Note: internal sites are only accessible from IITH WiFi / LAN or VPN.

  • VPN Network (1)

    Computer Center, IITH provides a WireGuard based VPN service for the benefit of the IITH community for remotely accessing various IT resources like Servers, GPU clusters, Library, Intranet, etc.

    The main benefits of using IITH VPN are:
    1. Access internal websites of IITH such as Intranet, Library resources, etc
    2. Connect to your respective Servers and GPU clusters in Datacentre
    3. Access Library e-resources via proxy IP:, Port: 3128

    Please follow the instructions given in the VPN Manual to setup IITH VPN on your personal laptop/desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux), smartphone, tab, etc. Each user is assigned a unique, permanent, private IP address and therefore the user is allowed to concurrently connect MAX of one personal device at a time (laptop/smartphone/tablet/desktop) to the campus network for remotely accessing various resources.

    it’s user-friendly, secure, and allows you to seamlessly access IITH resources while browsing the Internet through your home network.

    If you still have queries related to configuring and using this VPN service, after going through the above VPN manual, please raise a ticket at CC Support website

  • WiFi in IITH campus (64)

    Network Operations Center broadcasts WiFi SSIDs in Academic blocks, Institute Guest House, Dinning Hall & PSH(Kapila Block).

    Here are the list of WiFi SSIDs and it's intended users.

    1. IITH - All IITH Members (Faculty/Student/Permanent Staff/Project Staff/Interns)
    2. IITH-Guest WiFi - For all Guests visiting IIT Hyderabad.
    3. Eduroam WiFi - For all Guests who has account in Eduroam WiFi.
    We create WiFi account for every IITH Member ( Student, Faculty, Permanent Staff, Project Staff). This WiFi account is used to get connected to "IITH" SSID and "Eduroam".

    For all IITH members, WiFi username will be the username field in the IITH Email ID.

    For the email-id the WiFi username would be rollnumber. ( Eg. For the mail id the WiFi username is cs20btech12345)
    Similarly Faculty/Staff/Project Staff having email id the username would be username ( Eg. For the mail id the username is

    we also create WiFi account for Internship students/others users only after receiving approved application with concern authority for internet access.

    To Reset your IITH WiFi password, please visit: WiFi account password reset portal ( )
    If you forgot your WiFi account password, please visit Forgot WiFi password page

    Note 1: IP and DNS settings in the client-device should be "Dynamic" or "Automatic"
    Use proxy only in cases if you need access to journal websites which mandates IITH proxy, configure your browser's proxy settings accordingly as mentioned in

    Note 2: LAN connectivity has been provided in the Student Hostels, Staff and Faculty Residence towers. Users may purchase Home-WiFi Access Points to connect their WiFi enabled devices like smartphones, laptops etc.. However, Computer Center has no support for and no control over individual Home-WiFi Routers. Please contact respective vendors/manufacturers for configuring/ troubleshooting personal WiFi routers.

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