LDAP account

LDAP is a centralized authentication integrated into many IITH applications like ERP, AIMS, Library E-journals, research apps, administrative office applications, etc.

We create an LDAP account for students, faculty & staff and they can able to log in using the LDAP username and password provided initially in website such as AIMS etc.

For example, for a student who has email id rollnumber@iith.ac.in then his LDAP username would be rollnumber.
Similarly, Faculty/Staff having email id username@xxx.iith.ac.in then username would be username.

If you forgot your LDAP account password, please visit: LDAP account password reset portal https://reset.iith.ac.in/ldap (internal site)

How to change your LDAP/AIMS Password

Note: internal sites are only accessible from IITH WiFi / LAN or VPN.

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