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Domain Name and Certificate Issues in Google Pixel, OnePlus, Motorola phones
Last Updated 2 years ago

It was found that the domain name entry has been made mandate in Google Pixel, Moto G and Oneplus phones from recent times where the 'certificate validation' has been made mandatory.

Please follow the below mentioned instructions to resolve the issue.

Download the root certificate file (isrgrootx1.pem) attached below to your phone and note down the downloaded file path ( Pl. make sure that the downloaded file has .crt or .pem extension and not .txt or.pem.txt.).

Open "Settings" in Android and find " Install a certificate" option
Select "WiFi certificate" -> select "Install anyway" if prompted and select the downloaded certificate file.( If downloaded file is not visible in the download path please change the certificate extension to .pem or .crt)

Now enter the name as "ISRG X1 Root" when prompted and save it.

In the WiFi settings, click on "IITH" SSID
1) Select EAP method as "PEAP"
2) Phase2 Authetnication: MSCHAPv2
3) Identity: Enter your Wi-Fi username here (For Ref Please refer What is my Wi-Fi Username?)
4) Enter your WiFi password in the "Password" field (Please make sure that your Wi-Fi password is valid and not expired.
Please reset your Wi-Fi password at if the password expired)

5) In the CA certificate field select "ISRG X1 Root"
6) Online certificate status: Don't validate
7) Domain:
8) Advanced Options: Use Phone MAC instead of Random MAC
9) IP Address: Use DHCP

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