WiFi in IITH campus

We broadcast WiFi SSID in Academic blocks, Institute Guest House, Dinning Hall & PSH etc..
Here are the list of WiFi ssid broadcast and its respective connecting users.

  1. IITH WiFi - All IITH Members (Faculty/Student/Staff/Project Staff/Interns)
  2. IITH-Guest WiFi - For all Guest visiting IIT Hyderabad.
  3. Eduroam WiFi - For all Guest who has account in Eduroam WiFi.
We create WiFi account for every IITH Members (Student, Faculty, Staff, Project Staff). This WiFi account is used to get connected to "IITH WiFi" and "Eduroam WiFi".

For all IITH members, Username will be their IITH Email ID username.
For example, student who has email id rollnumber@iith.ac.in then his WiFi username would be rollnumber.
Similarly Faculty/Staff/Project Staff having email id my_username@xxx.iith.ac.in then username would be my_username.

we also create WiFi account for Internship students/others users only after receiving approved application with concern authority for internet access.

Reset your IITH WiFi password, please visit: WiFi account password reset portal ( https://reset.iith.ac.in/ad/index.php )
If you forgot your WiFi account password, please visit: WiFi account password reset portal ( https://reset.iith.ac.in/ad )

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