VPN Network

Computer Center, IITH provides a WireGuard based VPN service for the benefit of the IITH community for remotely accessing various IT resources like Servers, GPU clusters, Library, Intranet, etc.

The main benefits of using IITH VPN are:
1. Access internal websites of IITH such as Intranet, Library resources, etc
2. Connect to your respective Servers and GPU clusters in Datacentre
3. Access Library e-resources via proxy IP:, Port: 3128

Please follow the instructions given in the VPN Manual to setup IITH VPN on your personal laptop/desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux), smartphone, tab, etc. Each user is assigned a unique, permanent, private IP address and therefore the user is allowed to concurrently connect MAX of one personal device at a time (laptop/smartphone/tablet/desktop) to the campus network for remotely accessing various resources.

it’s user-friendly, secure, and allows you to seamlessly access IITH resources while browsing the Internet through your home network.

If you still have queries related to configuring and using this VPN service, after going through the above VPN manual, please raise a ticket at CC Support website support.comp.iith.ac.in

Frequently Asked Questions

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